Unlimited Reproduction


Healthy cells have a programmed aging process.  This makes sure that they can only divide a small number of times.  This makes sure that cells cannot evolve away from their role in the team.  Every time a cell divides it has a chance to change - to damage its instruction manual by badly copying it.

By forcing their DNA to age, healthy cells make sure that even if they went wrong and became a tumour there would be a limit to how big the tumour could be.

When we're young, reproduction is easy.

As we get older, we get tired.

Eventually, we get too old to reproduce.











When cells are young reproducing is easy.  Life and reproduction take their toll.  We are familiar with the idea that muscles and joints wear out; it turns out that DNA also wears out over time.  Eventually the DNA wears down to the point where reproduction is no longer possible.  When this happens the cell will stop dividing.  This process places a limit to the cell's life.  This limit prevents the cell having the chance to roll the dice more than a certain number of times.  At this point the cell must be replaced with a brand new one.

The gods never age.
They never get tired and can reproduce forever.













So limiting your reproduction is a key team-skill.  When cancer cells prevent their DNA aging they become immortal - this allows them to divide without limit.  This allows them to evolve into more dangerous cancers and also allows the tumour to become bigger and bigger.