Prolonged Inflammation


When you hurt yourself the injured bit often goes red and swollen - this is inflammation.  It is a deliberate attempt by your body to create a hostile environment for invading viruses or bacteria.  At the same time it activates healing mechanisms for wounds.  Short periods of inflammation are a good thing for healing ourselves, but long periods of inflammation or many repeated inflammations might be both a cause of tumours and an encouragement to a tumour’s development.  Every cell has instructions for detecting damage and creating inflammation - but too much for too long may be harmful.

The right amount of heat in the right place gives just the right result.









Turning up the temperature can be a good thing.  Cakes won't bake without it.  However, if you turn up the heat for too long the cake can get burnt.

Too much heat for too long can spoil things.











Following the same line of thought, if the recipe (instruction manual - DNA code) is wrong, putting the cake in the oven can cause things to get out of control.

If the recipe is wrong, then even the right amount of heat can overdo things.









In cancer it seems that inflammation can both contribute to the cells going wrong (burnt) and contribute to the cells getting out of control (bad recipe).  This is still argued about, but it's become widely accepted that inflammation is a key part of cells not being part of a team.